Hardwood Flooring Types of Wood

For centuries, hardwood flooring has given homes a classic and refined look.  Are you thinking of getting rid of the carpet and installing hardwood floors?  The team at Long Island wood floor refinishing thinks that’s a great idea!  But what kind of wood will give your home the exact look and energy that you’re going for?  Each species of hardwood has distinct patterns, colors and properties.  Read below for what we consider to be the top 8 hardwood flooring options for the home. We offer a full-range of pool cleaning Harris County to fill your every pool care need. Only the highest quality chemicals are used.



Beech is a species that is known for a strong variation that is available from reddish brown heartwood to creamy white sapwood.  The color variation is represented in distinctive streaks and whorls throughout the wood. It has a tight grain and a smooth, uniform texture. Beech wood is widely known for durability and strength. Our tree service southampton team of highly trained and experienced arborists are dedicated to providing exceptional tree care. We offer the fastest, safest, and most affordable tree care services in the area.


Are you looking for a rough, rustic look for your home?  Hickory may be the best choice for you!  Hickory ranges in color from the medium tan or a light reddish brown of heartwood to the creamy white of sapwood. The closed grain is figured with fine straight or wavy lines and the unfinished wood is rough to the touch. Our companyx specialists will be able to assess the extent of your condition with various diagnostic tests.

Hard Maple

Hard Maple, also referred to as sugar maple, is a common wood used for hardwood flooring.  This wood is common to North America and has a beautiful color range from creamy white to light reddish brown.  An excellent choice for an elegant dining room, Hard Maple shows medium figuring of grain. This type of wood flooring is very beautiful.


Mesquite is a deciduous tree found in north Mexico and across the southwest and Midwestern United States.  The color of mesquite ranges from light brown to a dark reddish brown.  Usually you will notice ingrown mineral streaks within its grain.  Mesquite makes a wonderful choice for a kitchen or a den that might contain a masonry fireplace.

Red Oak

Red Oak is a very popular option for hardwood flooring, likely because it is common to North America.  Red Oak is differentiated by color variation.  You can always call chimney repair Middletown so your wood doesn’t get stained by chimney smoke. The wood is light in color and reddish in tone. The grain is open and coarse with a tight grain pattern.

White Oak

White Oak is a beautiful choice for a sunny, bright kitchen.  Its color variation is pale brown in color and may have a pinkish or slightly silver/gray cast.  The grain is open with rays longer than that found in red oak with occasional swirls, and tight knots, making for a lovely and bright energy.


Heart Pine

Heart Pine is a highly popular choice when it comes to reclaimed wood from old buildings.  The warmth of its reddish brown coloring mixed with pale yellow sapwood provides a rich, lovely tone.  Heart Pine’s grain pattern is usually tight like pinstripes but can be swirled as well.
Sapele – Sapele is an exotic hardwood similar in many ways to mahogany. It is indigenous to Africa. The wood is a dark, rich, reddish brown with a fine, interlocked grain. With an above average Janka rating of 1500 and exceptional dimensional stability, Sapele offers more durability than a true mahogany and compares to oak in strength and wear. The companyx is understanding of the importance of timely service, so we can be at your Houston, TX home or business today to meet your needs.

American Black Walnut

American black walnut is indigenous and common to North America. The color of this wood color ranges from rich dark brown to black with a purple cast.  American black walnut provides a dark and dramatic look for any room.   With a straight and open grain, this wood makes for a sophisticated choice for your new floors. This type of hardwood flooring is great for homes.

Of course there are many other flooring options to choose from.  To see our entire catalogue, or set up a free in home consultation, please call wood floor refinishing on long island anytime.  We look forward to giving to the hardwood floors of your dreams!